Jake Morgan was born just north of Sydney and after living there for a couple of years his family decided to move more north to a town called Byron Bay.

Through living close to the ocean Jakes want to be in the water grew and grew each day. Jakes passion grew after seeing a photo of himself in the surf that another photographer had taken and he believed that he could do the same. That is when he bought a small point and shoot camera which was also water proof. He started taking photos in and out of the water and realised he enjoyed this so much he wanted to make it his profession one day.

Jake is currently a freelance photographer who specialises in surf photography. Through his experience both in and out of the water he knows how the wave will break before it has even broke, what the surfer will do before he even does it and what the waves will be like before he has even seen them. He has spent more hours on the beach and in the ocean than anywhere else, some even say he is half human half fish.

Currently Jake is living on the Gold Coast where he shoots at popular surf spots between Byron Bay and the northern side of the Gold Coast.